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When keeping it out of sight is not for out of mind.  A shelf turned curatorial space. 


This project is a collaborative project with Cathie Peng. 

The framing shelf started with observations of how digital platform was able to be responsive about the information it is showing. With the question of how could object carry that quality, we started to define responsiveness.

This project took the opportunity to reconsider how we react to transitioning situations to adapt to new environment. We designed a piece of furniture that will create and strengthens the connection between our audiences and the objects they own in an active yet flexible way. 

Research Objective

To set a clear goal for this project. 

What is so important about what we see everyday? In these chaotic times, we learn about how changing scenery will make us feel different ways. If there is anything that we don’t change but we see everyday, is the display / storage area. 

We wanted to know the reason behind all of that, so we began our research through surveys, interviews, and market research. 

Research Summary

What we learned

People organize their objects depending on the frequency of use. The shelf itself is most used when people have to stay in a position close to the shelf for work or leisure. 

It is important to satisfy the need of object display in a more subtle way that blends in with the daily use of objects, making the action of taking and puting back easy and enjoyable. 


Three words. 

Interactive, playful and elegant.
We want to introduce a movement to the static object, so the experience will be more dynamic and interesting. 

Function is the base for all ideation. It will only be helpful if this is what people needs.Another layer of exchangeable element is added to the shelf.

To be able to achieve the dynamic we had in mind, accentuation is critial here. It separates different layers of the story for people.


Through rouch mock-ups and digital modeling.


Wood panels held together with metal structures, completed with semi-transparent foldable screen. 

Curate your own 

From storage to curatorial space. 

Slide screen to hide or show however many you want.

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