Experience Design / Planning


One mini guide to find the absolute necessary excuses to re-arrange your current living space, even to buy new furnitures.


This project is a continuation of The Framing Shelf project. Collaborative project with Cathie Peng. 

This mini guide aims at starting a conversation for people to take another look at their home and their living habbit to see if there is anything that they could improve.  As things change under different situations, it is very important that the environment also adjust based on our needs.

This research booklet took another angle to re-consider people’s current living space. The content inside the book is based on interviews that we had with different people and second hand information we gathered.

Why did we decide to make this.

This part of the booklet is talks about our objectives and what we hope our audiences will get out of this book.


This part of the booklet provides an activity that our audiences can follow along to find that necessary excuese to change.

In this part of the booklet, we invite our audiences to participate in this activity that we did with all our interviewees. We asked them to draw their current living space first and then draw their ideal living space. 

By comparing the differences between the present and ideal, we ask them their reasons for making a change. 

Case Samples

From our interviewees, we compiled informations that we think will help our audiences.

This booklet contains in total 12 cases that we gathered. Each case highlights the changes between present and ideal. It also comes with suggestions that we gathered and designed to provide insights for how to improve the space. 

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