︎Agile & optimisitc at work
︎Design & Deliver Strategies

︎Design Coordinator @ West Elm
︎Rhode Island School of design
︎Studied Industrial Design / Jewelry & metalsmithing
︎Was proudly a Design Intern @ Hero Will Rise, Inc &  Observatory Design

Expanding Experience


A secret conversation between you and your objects. An alternative way to sort your stuff and look into your memories. 

Sculptures that care about you.   

Time buddy

(User Experience/Product)
Time managment made fun and easy.

When there’s room created just for you to enjoy food.


Build the bridge to see behind the curtains. 

A mini guide to find excuses to re-arragne your home.

Wats Printing

(Concept) New concept project coming soon! 

More than objects

One White Rabbit Necklace

A playful locket to carry one candy. 

Just slide it

A modest reflection on side tables. How to add to simple. 

Water that plant

Perfect for the urban living.

Work in progress

Storytelling poster for the industrial design triennial.

Form babies

A family of simple forms. Similar, but different.

Remember to :) 

The non-essential attitude to go with your everyday style. 

Wishful Thinking

(3D Modeling)
Collection of objects in an alternative time.