Experience Design / Furniture


Seating cushion to provide coziness and private space. A little quest to find possible solution to a contemporary problem.


This experimental project evolves around the title of “food for thought”.

During research for present food and service industry, there is an emerging need for dine-in solo dinners in contemporary societies. 

There has been a trend of restaurants designed only for one person, populared by Japanese ramen restaurant Ichiran. Building on top of that idea, this project explores ways to create a more relaxed atmosphere for dine-in service.

The chanllenge for this project is to design an unusual experience under time pressure.  


Brings lots of “IF”s to the design

In order to indicate the two different modes - available / unavailable, for audience to interact with, the design need to be able to communicate that concept based on its form. 

Taking inspiration from tulip flower, this seat is composed with several “petals” that will close up once someone is seated.  The dimension of the petal has also been tested to ensure it will provide privacy and is still easy to receive service at the same time.  


Explore fabrics and ways to prototype the concept. 

This version of prototype is made with soft felt sandwiching fabric interfacing to provide structure. The closing action is supported with magnets along the edges.

This interaction that I was trying to achieve would be more effortless if it is actived utilizing the weight of the person sitting on it.   

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